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Details...Cristina Yang & Preston Burke
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Thanks for checking out the bangs_anatomy community! Here the focus is on the characters of Cristina Yang and Preston Burke as well as the actors who portray them, Isaiah Washington and Sandra Oh.

This community will have updates, information and is a gateway to Bang's Anatomy.com, the website to check out for everything and anything that you need to know about Cristina Yang, Preston Burke, Sandra Oh, Isaiah Washington, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Bang's Anatomy.com has great DETAILS about the characters/actors/show, ART (icons, signatures like the one by Kiri displayed here, wallpaper), MEDIA CLIPS (audio & video), GALLERY, useful LINKS, FANFICTION, ACTIVE MESSAGE BOARD More Than Coffee, and interactive FANS section.

Be sure to check everything out and leave a comment to tell us what you think!!

Thanks for visiting!

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