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17 October 2006 @ 09:08 pm
Paging Dr. Burke!  
Hi! I hope this isn't against any rules. I think it's ok. If it's not, my sincere apologies to you guys, but I am trying to get a Grey's rpg off the ground and we need a Burke (and every other male character). Here's the info:

seattle_greyis a new Grey’s Anatomy rpg community. Beginning at the end of Season 1, this game will have all of the angst and ships with a little medicine thrown in. Every week, a new patient will arrive at the hospital with strange symptoms that will have to be diagnosed and treated (surgically, of course!).

All major characters (except for Izzie, Christina and Addison) are still open, and anyone 18 or older is welcome to join. Original characters are welcomed. If you would like to apply for a character, please comment with a post in character, or email it to roguedarla@gmail.com. Comment or email with any questions!